Call for Sites

Published: 12 March 2021

One of the key aims of the Local Plan will be to allocate sites for the new homes, jobs, infrastructure, services and facilities that will be needed in South Gloucestershire. The purpose of the ‘call for sites’ was to provide an opportunity for people to identify sites they think may have the potential for development (for housing and economic purposes) through the Local Plan.

The first thing to remember is that at this stage just because a landowner/developer has identified and submitted a piece of land to be investigated as a possible location for new development that this means it will actually be developed . In fact SGC is very clear that inclusion on the map it has produced to show what has been suggested DOES NOT infer that it supports any of these sites for allocation in its new Local Plan, or development through a planning application. Submitted sites will be subject to detailed assessment and future consultation.

This is a lengthy process that has to take into account many many factors, not least of which the fact that virtually all of the land identified in and around Pucklechurch parish is currently designated as Green Belt. It is entirely possible over the coming weeks and months that residents may see various speculative designs for development being published online by landowners/developers for parcels of land they have submitted for inclusion - these should not be a cause for anyone to panic as no matter how professional these may look as at this stage these will be purely speculative.

Please be aware Parish Council is fully engaged with the consultation process surrounding the development of the new Local Plan. SGC has also published FAQs for those that want to know more and guidance on how to make comments.