Community Plan

A Community Plan for Pucklechurch, Shortwood, Parkfield & Lyde Green was adopted by the Parish Council in July 2010. Full reports and action plans of the four working groups (Environment, Community Spirit, Traffic & Transportation and Sustainability) were made available online at that time. The printed document of the summary and action plans was published and distributed to all households in April/May 2011.

The Community Plan is important for our area because it represents the wishes and aspirations of our community. The printed plan, is a summary of a more comprehensive set of documents dealing in more depth with opportunities and issues facing our community. The full set of documents is available for viewing or download on the community website.

Although it took quite some time for the printed version to be completed, the plan has been active for some time and the data used in a number of decisions by the Parish Council and South Gloucestershire Council. To date the plan has helped to shape decisions and plans on many issues that affect our parish. It has been used on big items such as the SITA proposal for an in-vessel composting plant and smaller issues like the identification of fly-tipping hot spots. Most recently the plan has been used to draw attention to our need for a cycle path from Pucklechurch to the Bristol to Bath cycle track.

With the publication of the Community Plan document and the Plan's adoption by the Parish Council in July 2010, the work of the existing Community Plan Steering Committee and Working Groups efforts to a close. Although it was a long and sometimes tough process, it has also been an immense accomplishment and I have to thank all the volunteers who took part for their dedication and professionalism.

The work is not complete, however, since we still need people to come forward to help deliver the priorities is identified. Beyond implementation, we also need to look at new and emerging needs of our community and consider significant and radical government reforms relating to localism and planning.

A comprehensive list and access to all the documents, questionnaires and consultations which contributed towards delivering the final reports can be found on Pucklechurch Community Website.

Use the links below to access electronic copies of the final detailed reports.

Final Summary & Action Plans
Community Spirit Final Report
Community Spirit Action Plan
Environment Final Report
Environment Action Plan
Traffic Final Report
Transport Final Report
Traffic & Transport Action Plan
Sustainability Final Report