Play Areas

The Recreation ground

A large fenced multiple use public amenity with play area, public seating, ball game areas, football/cricket pitches, youth shelter and car park.

St Aldams

A large public space surrounded by naturalised hedging with landscaped paths and play areas.


A small play area with seating and picnic facilities leased from a local farmer.


Eagle Crescent

A large grassed public space with dedicated play area.




A small play area.


Play Areas


Analysis of the 2021 play area questionnaire


2021 Safety Report

Play Area Safety Report
Parkfield Paly Area
St Adams Slide
Rec Toddler Slide
This is an example of the new signage which includes contact details and the postcode in case there is ever an emergency.  Please keep our play areas clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.


Dogs are welcome in the recreational areas but should be kept under control and away from the play areas. Please also make sure you clear up after your dog.


Proposal for Eagle Crescent play area