Reporting Issues

Published: 01 October 2020

There are a number of common issues that can be reported directly to South Gloucestershire Council via its website. You can find out more about what can be reported here:

The list is extensive and includes, for example, street-lighting, dog-fouling, missed bin collections, litter, fly-tipping, roads, pathways and overgrown hedges. Failing this you can also call the General Enquiries number 01454 868009 – from where you should be able to be put through the department with responsibility for dealing with your issue. If you would rather not contact SGC directly I would recommend using All you have to do to report a problem here, and for it to be sent to the right SGC department is:
enter a nearby UK postcode, or street name and area locate the problem on a map of the area enter details of the problem – you can withhold your own details
Of course, if you are unsure whether or not an issue is SGC’s responsibility please direct your queries to Jodie Bailey (Clerk to Pucklechurch Parish Council) via email: or by phone on 07525 842 095.